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Taking pictures in the desert can be an extremely rewarding experience for both seasoned and amateur photographers. Shooting in 4K at 60fps produces some of the most stunningly detailed video footage I’ve seen out of a prosumer grade camera. Thank you so much for providing this awesome guide about the finest cameras for vlogging in 2019. Run and gun documentary style video shooting is made much easier thanks to impressive image stabilization in both compatible lenses and the body ‘ by far the best OIS I’ve seen implemented on a camera at this price point.

A smartphone is small, portable, and always in your pocket, while high-end mirrorless cameras offer better image quality. While a GoPRO is just decent for general photography, I think it’s actually better than other still cameras for taking selfies. If you’re looking for very good video quality for your YouTube channel and vlogs, this is a great camera to go with.

Glade to hear that you are also a vlogger, as I have mentioned you can go for Canon Powershot G7X, it’s is the best vlogging camera of 2019 with a flipscreen to make your tasks much more easier. If you are doing vlogging or making a vlog on your youtube channel then this tips definitely helps you to grow your channel, in different countries.

We shoot all our photos on our Sony A7ii. Before we get to the goods, I think it’s extremely important to acknowledge that the content itself is more important than the travel vlogging gear. There isn’t a camera out there that strikes the right balance between image quality, features, focusing and weight.

Here I focus on Canon lenses because that’s the camera I have, but every DSLR has their own range. The GH5S has massively improved low light performance and is one of the key features that make this camera a worthy alternative to the GH5. The build is very close to the VideoMicro, but does show a bit of a lower quality build, but comes with a dead cat windscreen and a removable audio cable thankfully.