Jason Vong’s Sony Α6400 Setup Guide

With the price of cameras dropping, people are asking themselves more and more whether or not it make sense to buy a new camera or to just replace the old one. It’s absolutely phenomenal, and not only does it capture a 360 shot using two cameras on the front and back, but you can really push the visuals in the editing software it comes with. The Canon G7X II is a great camera for photos, but not as good as the Sony RX100 series.

If you aren’t sticking to a real-time sort of daily vlog format you could possibly break your longer 20-30+ content into multiple uploads. GoPro Hero 7 – While you may not want to make this your main vlogging camera (though it’s definitely up to the challenge!), having an action camera in your arsenal is a great way to make sure you get those exciting shots on the road.

In this article, we’ll explain how to choose a vlogging camera, what DJI products are most suitable for you to use, and the best vlogging tips to help improve your content. With some truly unique options and the ability to record in 4k, all for a bargain-basement price, the Lumix ZS70 is great for vloggers on a budget, www.youtube.com or for use as a backup camera.

The camera is so light and compact that I don’t actually need any special bag or carry case to travel around with it and it easily fits in my very unassuming cross body bag – which also has the benefit of not drawing unwanted attention to the camera.

Everything can be recorded onto 2 SD memory cards at the same time, or you can set up the second memory card to act as overflow for when the first fills up. The GH5 is actually the only recommended camera for vlogging in this list that offers dual SD card slots.

Along with first starting a blog , the decision to start making travel and food videos for YouTube and growing my YouTube channel, was probably the best choice I’ve made in my online career. Would like some solid extra features like macro, 4k, and slow motion video.

Once you have decided you want to continue with vlogging, you can invest in a higher quality camera. Coupled with a nomad-friendly lav mic for recording audio on my phone, it just might be the ultimate vlogging rig for ultralight packers. I didn’t want to pay a fortune for a good camera, but I needed to use it for both pictures and videos.