5 Vlogging Tips For Beginners From Famous Vloggers

Living your passion for travel is one thing, but filming yourself doing it daily to weekly for binge watching audiences on YouTube is another! Fujifilm really has created one of the best cameras ever for travel photography. So grab a coffee, kick back and learn all about the best cameras for travel. Finally, with the help of a huge array of Micro Four Thirds’ lenses, this camera takes amazing photos as well.

If you are new to photography, you won’t be intimidated when customizing the camera modes for perfect photos. There is a growing segment of content creators who want to make vlogs and similar videos, and if you look at the majority of the most famous ones, they are shooting with Canon mostly, and Panasonic second.

The ideal choice for best Vlogging equipment is generally centered somewhere around price range and features. We recently picked up this little powerhouse, and have quickly fallen in love it. We’re using it mainly for vlogging, but more and more we’re feeling happy snapping shots with this one rather than pulling out our Sony A7ii or changing lenses.

Today we’re not only sharing the key items we use to make our videos on YouTube but also a list of the best travel vlogging gear for every budget. Note: You can’t use an external microphone with this camera but I’ve seen many vloggers DIY their own wind muff for the G7X.

This app offers complete control over settings while shooting a video. About Youtuber At Arunz Creation, we Provide Adobe Photoshop Tutorials , Adobe Lightroom 5 Tutorials and Digital Photography Tutorials, illustrator Tutorial, After Effects Tutorials. Publish and Promote: Once you’ve created your video, it’s time to upload it to YouTube or anywhere else of your choosing, and optimize and promote it so you can share your video story with others.

Often, I see new vloggers using a LED ring light. While a high quality camera is important, you also need a good vlogging microphone to create high quality videos. Cameras and equipment are of course essential for indian making videos. Panasonic Lumix G7 is an excellent entry-level DSLR-styled mirrorless camera for vlogging, and it gets the job done even if you want to do some photography as well.

You can either stand them up with a little tripod near you, lay them flat on a desk, chair or floor, or carry them around with your hand and record as you go. We’d only recommend these if you aren’t filming and doing vlog audio only, or are super concerned with audio quality (since these blow all other mics out of the water when it comes to resolution — but don’t get us wrong, all mics are feasible and many audiences won’t be able to tell »).